I have just started to embark on this blog and I love all things Baby Led Weaning and the journey beyond. I hope you enjoy it. I thought I would write a little about baby led weaning and us.
“Baby-led weaning (often also referred to as BLW) is a method of adding complementary foods to a baby’s diet of breastmilk or formula. A method of food progression, BLW facilitates the development of age appropriate oral motor control while maintain eating as a positive, interactive experience. Baby-led weaning allows babies to control their solid food consumption by “self-feeding” from the very beginning of their experiences with food. The term weaning should not be taken to imply giving up formula or breastmilk, but simply the introduction of foods other than formula or breastmilk.” Taken from Wikipedia 
228My daughter is a complete BLW success so far. I am telling her story, and of some friends of hers also. I am on my own with Izzy, currently on income support, although I have been a corporate PA / Marketing manager for many years, encompassing management and supporting sale directors, which is where I get my drive from. I lost my job when Izzy was just under 2 so I thought I would take a slight career break and get this blog sorted properly.

I have a keen interest in spreading the word and helping to support those with any confidence issues re food. I have a passion for food and the environment and eating out so this seemed the logical thing to do! My daughter is just over 2 now and I am a single parent so things have been tough at times.

Parents need support at the very start to help with confidence and the word needs to get out there that, on the whole the way wee feed our children can be different and we reap the benefits if they are allowed to go their own way, whilst still being taught how to be good, functioning members of society. It seems that there are so many different opinions, not least in the medical industry which is scary. As with all blogs, just take from it what you will.
I am on a tight budget and BLW is really important to me and if I can support just one person, or give confidence to just one person then I feel my job is done. This baby led weaning thing isnt just for the posh or well off.. Its accessible for everyone and I hope to show that with my articles.
I’m not here to tell anyone what to do, or to judge anyone. I just want to share our on-going story.-
Love SJ and Izzy 😀