All of the baby led weaning recipes on this page are suitable for babies from 6 months old and are intended to be simple and adjustable, you can make them again and again and change the ingredients up! Enjoy!

  • Perfect soft poached eggs

    12th April 2015
    Eggs are something that we eat on a daily basis. Izzy has loved boiled eggs from 6 months. Her very favourite is poached eggs, which is awesome as its...
  • Baby friendly hummus

    11th April 2015
    As hummus is so versatile you really can make all kinds and just play about with it. Shop bought hummus can have quite a bit of salt in it, so...
  • Chocolate rice crispy cakes

    18th March 2015
    Here is a lovely way to spend an hour or so with your little darling, it can get a bit messy but if they can't get messy now then when...

There are loads of great baby led weaning recipes about, cook books and blogs out there. As Izzy and I cook more food together I am always looking for new ideas and most importantly, I want to find easy “quick cook” recipes. I have found that on weekends its quite nice to graze, make some easy hummus and have some carrot sticks and just eat bits and bobs throughout the day.

I also love the long prep and cook, I just love cooking as I just don’t think of anything else while i’m cooking and now Izzy is nearly 2.5, she can help me. I met a couple of mums whose babies have allergens to dairy and to egg so I will be doing some gluten free recipes also. I am always looking for inspiration and I have another pal who is currently concocting some lovely Sri Lankan spice mixes so I will be looking at doing more curries and the like.

It is worth mentioning that although we can feed our babies basically anything from 6 months there are some things that should be avoided until the baby is 12 months old. Here is a copy of Gill Rapley’s baby led weaning quick guidelines

Foods to Avoid before 12 months:

  • Honey – due to the chance of infant botulism
  • Whole Nuts – due to the risk of choking but Izzy eats cashews no problem, they are more soft. She has eaten them since she was 18 months old, but you have to use your common sense with these things – Every baby is different. There is nothing wrong with crushing the nuts up and sprinkling them on natural yoghurt as peanuts have so many good things in them and get the nut butters on toast and enjoy *** if there are known allergies in the family then see a doctor for advice first but PLEASE don’t avoid things if you don’t need to *** Ground breaking studies have shown that introducing the peanut protein very early on (From 6 months) actively reduces the chances of an allergy!
  • Shellfish – Although from 12 months mussels were tried and it was the one food that Izzy asked for every day!
  • Shark
  • Marlin
  • Under-cooked eggs – Unless there is an allergy present then any part of the egg is perfectly fine, I just went with no soft eggs until 12 months, so there was lots of scrambled eggs on toast and quiche type situations – Hard boiled eggs are great for a picnic


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