Finger Food

Examples of finger foods

Finger foods are the best thing invented in my opinion! They are great for snack / picnic / lunch and dinner. The possibilities are endless. Isobel had all sorts of finger foods, avocado, cheese sticks, pepper, peanut butter on toast, avocado on toast, hummus with breadsticks to name but a few. Izzy loves the variety and loves food! I can honestly say that Baby Led Weaning has changed our lives, I couldn’t imagine life without it. All from 6 months old! The possibilities are endless.


You can see the index finger sized pieces here, that’s a good rule of thumb as Izzy could hold some in her fist and chew the rest


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When I started adding complimentary food to Izzy’s diet at 6 ish months, I just couldn’t find much info on finger food. All I wanted was pictures to show the sizes of food but they seemed few and far between. I was cautious of giving her carrot and apple but I attended a Lunch Bunch meeting that my local Health Visitors invited me to and they gave me lots of confidence to continue.


This is Izzy at 5.5 months with her very first food. She had been sitting up unaided for a while and you can see that she can lift her head up. I remember my dad watching Isobel and he was so nervous! I was so pleased she just messed about with it and managed to eat some of it. These bibs are great for the first few months, as Izzy got more confident. There was lots of mess but that’s all part of the learning. Studies have shown, toddlers that are allowed to make mess can become better learners and learn about the texture and viscosity of objects. They will also learn that an object of different non-solid objects such as Oats or Custard, much quicker than those who aren’t allowed to get their fists and mash the food and play.



I’m told a good rule of thumb is “food before 1 is just for fun” but I’m not sure I buy into that entirely as Izzy had been having balanced meals often 3 times a day from about 8 months. I just gave her, and continue to give her different foods and don’t always give her favourite finger foods from a week to week basis so she doesn’t get bored. Although avocado was a main staple for the first few weeks, i would stop giving it to her for a couple of weeks, then swapped and changed.

Here is an amazing link to 7 ways to get an avocado fix!






I haven’t looked back since.