Perfect soft poached eggs

Eggs are something that we eat on a daily basis. Izzy has loved boiled eggs from 6 months. Her very favourite is poached eggs, which is awesome as its my all time favourite food. Here is my method for perfect soft boiled eggs. This is such a simple method, takes minutes. Perfect results every time.


What you need:

  • Eggs (I have two for myself, I normally just do one for Izzy)
  • Muffin, cut into half
  • Toaster
  • Frying pan, 20cms ish will do for up to 4 eggs
  • A cap full of white vinegar (Any vinegar will do but I find that white vinegar doesn’t stain the eggs)
  • Boiling water
  • Fish slice, or a slatted, flat utensil
  • Pepper to taste

Pop frying pan onto the hob (I find gas is the best way to get perfect results). Pour the boiling water into the frying pan, leaving a 2/3cm gap at top (Frying pan should be deep enough for the water to cover the eggs) 

Turn the hob to a medium heat and let the water come to a simmer again. Pop in your cap full of vinegar and then give it a wee stir. Crack your eggs into the frying pan and turn the heat down a little. At the same time, pop your muffin slices into the toaster. When the toaster pops up, then the eggs are ready. Turn the heat off at this point, butter your muffins then transfer the eggs to the muffins.


Job done.