Welcome to weaning your baby the easy way!


Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a 30 something single mother of one beautiful little girl called Isobel. We live near Edinburgh, with a flat mate called Dave and two kittens called Duck and Kitty Le Boef. I have had a great experience with weaning Isobel and wanted to share with others.

Easy Weaning

I used a method called baby led weaning and I will use my blog to show tips / tricks for ease of use. I didn’t feed Isobel any purées, aside from those I put in her porridge, when she was old enough. No baby rice ever! Just adult food, the same food I eat.


Yummy Adult Food

As most of us do, I researched; Internet / books / classes and I just wanted to share my experiences and those of my friends around me. I noticed that the different councils and Health Visitors all have different ways to advise on weaning, although the standard is supposed to be Baby Led Weaning at 6 months.

Not all Health visitors and assistantsare actually advising so. We we’re lucky to have a good set of Health Visitors but not all of my pals with kids say the same thing.

Weaning Advice

I am all for Baby Led Weaning and wanted to try to give as much information as I have gathered through the various means and ways. I am not a fan of shop bought purées (Even the Ella’s pouches) I have tried them so I can talk about the differences. It is my aim to show you how easy it can be and to answer any fears. My bible is Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley! Get the book!

I am a member of our local community garden so I will talk about where food comes from and how important I think it is for our kids to know about it. I will link to other community projects also. I will provide recipes and photos of Isobel and her friends on their journey of discovery all things food!


Budget weaning

I have worked as a Corporate Personal Assistant for many years however, a year after Isobel came along l I have found myself out of work, as many of us are right now.

Everything I cook is on a budget.

No matter what your background this blog is for you if you want to aim for a “non fussy” child. We are all individuals and we don’t all like to eat the same thing but I am a total food lover and I am really pleased that by following the Baby Led Weaning method ,from the very start of her journey of discovery, that Isobel is too. Most importantly I like to go out for meals and it was really important for me to be able to do that with Isobel without any anxiety. I cant afford to go out as much as I did which makes it doubly important to enjoy ourselves. I also love to cook and now Isobel is 2, she joins in with me.


I hope you enjoy the blog and please follow me, please make any suggestions you can and if there is anything you want to see then please let me know!